Office Ergonomic Training

Welcome to the newly revised Office-Ergo.com! We have added more content on neck pain, eye pain, hand/ arm pain, back pain and how to deal with it. We have also expanded the ergonomic product guide to help you make informed decisions on ergonomic chairs, ergonomic keyboards, and mice, including whether you need the gizmo at all.  There is a new Q&A feature called Ask the ErgoAdvocate where you can ask an Ergonomist your questions, and finally we have added a list of Trusted Suppliers – ergonomic supply companies we know and trust.

This site contains information aimed at anyone with an interest in office ergonomics; whether you are a Health & Safety professional or someone who simply uses a computer.

The information here is based on the research literature whenever possible.  Some of this information may not be consistent with the conventional wisdom that has persisted for decades, such as “sit up straight” or “have the monitor at eye level”.  However, you will be pleased to learn that current ergonomics thinking recommends a variety of positions and movement rather than an exact posture. See our Conventional Wisdom vs Current Ergonomics Thinking page.

We believe Office Ergonomics deserves to be treated separately from general (industrial) ergonomics.  The principles are the same, but there are so many subtle differences and different products used in office ergonomics that we believe it’s best to specialize.

Learn as much as you can from this site if it will help your own or your company’s internal ergonomic situation.   Feel free to link from your website to this one.  However, please do not resell our information in any way. Please support our Trusted Suppliers and visit their web sites.