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About Office-Ergo.com

Office-Ergo.com is one of the oldest and most visited office ergonomics sites on the web. Numerous organizations and universities trust the content and have established back-links to this site. Feel free to link from your site to here if you wish.

All of the contributors and cited authors on the site are Ergonomics Professionals who have consulted in this field for many years and have either been involved in the development of national and international ergonomics standards, or have had considerable ergonomics leadership experience. The information here is based on the research literature whenever possible. Some of this information may not be consistent with the conventional wisdom that has persisted for decades. (See our Current Ergo Thinking link for examples). Chris Grant, PhD, CPE now retired from ergonomics, developed the first version of this site in 1999. Chris was an ergonomics consultant and a Research Fellow at the University of Michigan- Center for Ergonomics. Chris consulted with employers and with manufacturers such as the Herman Miller furniture company. She was also on the committee writing the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) ergonomics standard. When she stopped practicing ergonomics Dr. Grant generously transferred the site to Dennis Ankrum, who maintained her high standard of excellence during the ensuing years. Dennis Ankrum, CIE (1947-2010) Sadly, Denny Ankrum is now deceased following a lengthy battle with cancer. He was a noted ergonomist who published a number of ergonomics articles on vision, lighting, and monitor placement. Denny was involved in the BIFMA Ergonomics Best-Fit Standards development, and provided consulting, editing, problem solving, and web design services. During the last months of his life Denny and Gene Kay collaborated on many of revisions and upgrades now posted in the web site. Denny and his family have generously transferred the Office-ergo web site to Gene. Gene Kay MS, CPE is a Work Physiologist and a certified professional ergonomist. He is now the web master for Office-Ergo.com. He has served as the American Express Global Ergonomics Manager, the Rehab Services Manager at a large Neurology clinic, and is the past President of the Upper-Midwest Chapter of the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society. Gene has been a speaker at national and international ergonomics conferences. He is the developer of VelocityEHS Ergonomics Solution, an on-line ergonomics training, evaluation, and self-help site designed to help large clients manage office ergonomics issues through a custom ergonomics portal.