Pros & Cons Many Common Ergonomic Items




Ergonomic Products Pros & Cons and Ergonomic Products Buyers Guide
This section offers ergonomic guidelines and suggestions for your office and the accessories and furniture you might be considering. Although most of this page has to do with stuff you can buy, keep in mind that many ergonomic problems can be fixed by rearrangement, adjustment or modification of existing items.
All “ergonomic” items have some drawbacks or possibilities for misuse. In these pages and where appropriate:

“Purpose” means what the gizmo is supposed to correct.  You may not need to correct whatever it is the gizmo’s for, so you may not need to buy one.

“Misuse and Drawbacks” talks about how the gizmo can actually do harm, potentially.  Everything can do harm, so this section is important.

“General End-User Instructions” speaks to the person who’s going to use the gizmo.  It talks about adjusting it and work habits.  The “Instructions” section, or something like it, should be given IN WRITING to every recipient of that particular gizmo.  Always.

“Choices” describes some of the options available out there in the marketplace — some of the variations offered by various vendors.  The main point of the “Choices” section is to get you to look beyond the one or two examples of a gizmo you have seen.  There may be fancier and better versions.

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